BlockCities X MarbleCards
Introducing Marble Mania
BlockCities has teamed up with the great folks at MarbleCards to bring you a special edition set of MarbleCard buildings and a one-day MarbleCard Competition.

During the competition, each building will feature a MarbleCard pattern (like marble-themed rooftop signs and street-level LED billboards).

The first person to marble a card of each unique pattern found in the Mystery Machine, wins the grand prize--a Founders collection building (Token ID #114) & 250 MarbleCoin!

  1. BlockCities has hidden 16 unique Marble patterns in the Mystery Machine
  2. To participate, build a building on the Mystery Machine (or wait for someone else to build)
  3. Once built, go to the building's profile page on

    (Find the page by clicking on the building on My Buildings)
  4. Head over to MarbleCards and be the first person to marble a card of the building containing the unique pattern.
  5. There are 15 unique patterns featured on buildings hidden in the Mystery Machine.
  6. The first person to find and mint a MarbleCard of all 15 buildings, wins the grand prize!
Official Rules
  1. Marbling on starts on Tuesday, Oct 15.
  2. The Grand Prize competition starts on Wednesday, Oct 16.
  3. The marbled card must be of a BlockCities x MarbleCard Building.

    (You can spot the building by its official MarbleCard pattern.)
  4. The marbled card must be of the MarbleCard building featured on
  5. If all 15 patterns aren't found, the user with the most applicable cards marbled will win.
Get Ready on Discord
Join the MarbleCard Discord to meet other marblers and get ready for the big Competition!
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