BlockCities X MarbleCards
Introducing the BlockCities x MarbleCards Treasure Hunt
The BlockCities x MarbleCards Treasure Hunt is a fast-paced, live collecting game. First person to build or find a BlockCities "Crypto Building" and Marble it on MarbleCards, wins!

Seven Crypto Buildings are hidden in the Mystery Machine. Find them by building first or swooping in when someone else builds. Five of them are branded with Partner Logos from OpenSea, FOAM,, BoxSwap, and KnownOrigin.

The remaining two are unbranded, unofficial buildings inspired by this "summer’s blockchain blockbuster." 😏
  1. BlockCities has hidden 7 special edition Crypto Buildings in the Mystery Machine.
  2. Find the hidden buildings by building on the Mystery Machine or waiting for someone else to build.
  3. Once found, go to OpenSea, copy the link to the building, and Marble a card on
  4. First to Marble gets 100 Marblecoin, and 30% of the revenue generated if the card sells in the initial auction.
  5. Weekly overall winner gets a special edition BlockCities x MarbleCard building.
Official Rules
  1. The marbled card must be of a BlockCities Crypto Building
  2. The marbled card must be of the Crypto Building featured on
  3. First to Marble wins!